Calendar & Special Events

There are two major events held each year by the Old Scholars Association.

Old Scholars Dinner

As well as separate reunions that occur from time to time (details of which can be found in the newsletter or on this website), the Association holds an annual dinner, generally around the middle of the year.

Year level cohorts from as early as the 1920s attend to hear the guest speaker but mainly to catch up with friends and classmates from their school days. Those in attendance sing the school hymn and say the War Cry with great zest. A roll-call also takes place.

Speakers over the past few years have been:

2012  Mr Nick Scopelitis2011 Mr Ian Glover2010  Mr Matthew Loveder2009  Ms Lauren Novak

2008  Centenary Dinner Speakers

  • Stephen Mitchell
  • Kate Mitchell
  • Ann Mitchell
  • John Mitchell
  • Elizabeth Silsbury
  • Chris Sumner
2007 Mr Nik Hagicostas2006  Mrs Margaret Lambert2005 Dr Mal Hemmerling2004 Prof Dean Jaensch

2003 Mrs Elizabeth Silsbury

2002 Mr Jeff Emmel

2001 Dr Claire Hale

2000 Prof Arthur Cropley

The dinner acknowledges the enduring influence and focus of achievement that is a characteristic of Adelaide High School.

The date for the 2017 Annual Dinner is Friday, June 16.



Coversazione 2012

On the afternoon of the first Saturday in August, female old scholars (“the old girls”) of Adelaide High School meet in the school hall to catch up with old friends and to reflect on their time at the school. The Prefects of 50 years ago are presented to the gathering and they reflect on their experiences. Current day Prefects are present at this significant public occasion to converse with the ladies present and to serve afternoon tea. This proves to be a significant experience for both groups of people.

Old Scholars value the opportunities they have been given at Adelaide High School to be involved in a wide range of extra-curricular experiences (including the exchanges with Melbourne High School and MacRobertson Girls High School) and to achieve success in a variety of ways. In later years, they value the chance to reflect on these opportunities and to catch up with friends.